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Briarwood create beautifully crafted handbags, wallets, small leather goods and clothing. The love for beautiful fabrics and timeless wearable pieces soon created a brand that has contemporary style and quality.

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Chester Dress - InkChester Dress - Ink
Chester Dress - Ink Sale price$216.94
Chester Dress - SteelChester Dress - Steel
Chester Dress - Steel Sale price$216.94
Chester Dress - Chocolate
Chester Dress - Chocolate Sale price$216.94
Caitlyn Dress - Green FloralCaitlyn Dress - Green Floral
Caitlyn Dress - Teal FloralCaitlyn Dress - Teal Floral
Caitlyn Dress - Teal Floral Sale price$235.59
Cara Dress - InkCara Dress - Ink
Cara Dress - Ink Sale price$229.38
Cara Dress - Animal Print
Cara Dress - Animal Print Sale price$229.38
Cara Dress - Teal FloralCara Dress - Teal Floral
Cara Dress - Teal Floral Sale price$229.38
Briarwood Cynthia Skirt - InkBriarwood Cynthia Skirt - Ink
Briarwood Cynthia Skirt - CamelBriarwood Cynthia Skirt - Camel
Briarwood Carmel Top - Green FloralBriarwood Carmel Top - Green Floral
Sold outBriarwood Carmel Top - Black FloralBriarwood Carmel Top - Black Floral
Briarwood Carolina Top - InkBriarwood Carolina Top - Ink
Briarwood Carolina Top - Green FloralBriarwood Carolina Top - Green Floral
Briarwood Carolina Top - Black FloralBriarwood Carolina Top - Black Floral
Briarwood Cheri Dress - Pink FloralBriarwood Cheri Dress - Pink Floral
Briarwood Cooper Dress - ChocolateBriarwood Cooper Dress - Chocolate
Briarwood Cooper Dress - BlackBriarwood Cooper Dress - Black
Briarwood Carmel Top - ChocolateBriarwood Carmel Top - Chocolate
Briarwood Capri Dress - SteelBriarwood Capri Dress - Steel
Sold outBriarwood Cooper Dress - Pink Check
Briarwood Capri Dress - InkBriarwood Capri Dress - Ink
Briarwood Capri Dress - Ink Sale price$216.94
Briarwood Capri Dress - ChocolateBriarwood Capri Dress - Chocolate
Briarwood Capri Dress - BlackBriarwood Capri Dress - Black
Briarwood Jock top - Blue floralBriarwood Jock top - Blue floral
Briarwood Santana Pant - inkBriarwood Santana Pant - ink
Briarwood Marnie Skirt - Brown LeopardBriarwood Marnie Skirt - Brown Leopard
Save $87.02Briarwood Joey short - BlackBriarwood Joey short - Black
Briarwood Joey short - Black Sale price$36.68 Regular price$123.70
Briarwood Macy Pant - BlackBriarwood Macy Pant - Black
Briarwood Macy Pant - Black Sale price$173.43
Save $174.05Briarwood Mackenzie Jacket - TanBriarwood Mackenzie Jacket - Tan
Briarwood Mackenzie Jacket - Tan Sale priceFrom $92.62 Regular price$266.67
Briarwood Mac Jacket - InkBriarwood Mac Jacket - Ink
Briarwood Mac Jacket - Ink Sale price$248.03
Briarwood Mac Jacket - BlackBriarwood Mac Jacket - Black
Briarwood Marci Pants - BlackBriarwood Marci Pants - Black
Briarwood Magda Dress  - KhakiBriarwood Magda Dress  - Khaki
Save $111.89Briarwood Mindy Skirt - Black
Briarwood Mindy Skirt - Black Sale price$36.68 Regular price$148.57
Briarwood Teresa Dress - Pale BlueBriarwood Teresa Dress - Pale Blue
Briarwood Terri Top - CreamBriarwood Terri Top - Cream
Briarwood Terri Top - Cream Sale price$185.86
Briarwood Terri Top - Pale BlueBriarwood Terri Top - Pale Blue
Briarwood Santana Pant - blackBriarwood Santana Pant - black
Briarwood Agatha PantBriarwood Agatha Pant
Briarwood Agatha Pant Sale price$185.86