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Kate Sylvester

Kate Sylvester creates intelligent, timeless clothing that celebrates colour, honouring her craft and the makers and community who bring these garments to life. Created to be loved and lived in, Kate Sylvester garments are imbued with a thoughtful simplicity, with unexpected, elevated details and dynamic use of colour. 

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Sylvester Utility Dress - OliveSylvester Utility Dress - Olive
Sylvester Sheer Check Bias Dress - BlueSylvester Sheer Check Bias Dress - Blue
Sylvester Denim Cropped Trouser - Dark IndigoSylvester Denim Cropped Trouser - Dark Indigo
Sylvester Denim Cropped Trouser - Mid BlueSylvester Denim Cropped Trouser - Mid Blue
Sylvester Denim Jacket - Dark IndigoSylvester Denim Jacket - Dark Indigo
Sylvester Denim Jacket - Mid BlueSylvester Denim Jacket - Mid Blue
Sold outSylvester Swan T-shirt - White
Sylvester Sheer Check Dress - ForestSylvester Sheer Check Dress - Forest
Sylvester Sheer Check dress - BlueSylvester Sheer Check dress - Blue
Sylvester Sheer Check Top - ForestSylvester Sheer Check Top - Forest
Sylvester Sheer Check Top - BlueSylvester Sheer Check Top - Blue
Sold outSylvester Blooms Top - PurpleSylvester Blooms Top - Purple
Sylvester Blooms Top - PinkSylvester Blooms Top - Pink
Sylvester Blooms Top - Pink Sale price$161.00
Sylvester Blooms Dress - PinkSylvester Blooms Dress - Pink
Sylvester Blooms Sun Dress - PurpleSylvester Blooms Sun Dress - Purple
Sylvester Blooms sun dress - PinkSylvester Blooms sun dress - Pink
Sylvester Hampton Shirt - OrangeSylvester Hampton Shirt - Orange
Sylvester Hampton Dress - OrangeSylvester Hampton Dress - Orange
Sylvester Diamond Top - BlueSylvester Diamond Top - Blue
Kate Sylvester Beri Dress - MossKate Sylvester Beri Dress - Moss
Kate Sylvester Skye Dress -  BlackKate Sylvester Skye Dress -  Black
Kate Sylvester Beri Dress - WineKate Sylvester Beri Dress - Wine
Kate Sylvester Joyce Dress - InkKate Sylvester Joyce Dress - Ink
Kate Sylvester Vanderbilt Vest - IndigoKate Sylvester Vanderbilt Vest - Indigo
Kate Sylvester Laine Blazer - MauveKate Sylvester Laine Blazer - Mauve
Kate Sylvester Hannah Dress - TealKate Sylvester Hannah Dress - Teal
Kate Sylvester Hannah Dress - BronzeKate Sylvester Hannah Dress - Bronze
Sylvester Checked Blazer - MochaSylvester Checked Blazer - Mocha
Kate Sylvester Piper Cardigan - StoneKate Sylvester Piper Cardigan - Stone
Kate Sylvester Diana dress - ButterKate Sylvester Diana dress - Butter
Kate Sylvester Diana dress - BlackKate Sylvester Diana dress - Black
Kate Sylvester Rae top - BlackKate Sylvester Rae top - Black
Kate Sylvester Rae top - ButterKate Sylvester Rae top - Butter
Sylvester Gingham wide leg trousers - Tobacco
Sylvester Gingham blazer - Tobacco
Save $161.62Kate Sylvester Clemency top - blackKate Sylvester Clemency top - black
Kate Sylvester Clemency top - black Sale price$61.54 Regular price$223.16
Kate Sylvester Quentin trouser - check
Kate Sylvester Meret Jacket - BlackKate Sylvester Meret Jacket - Black
Kate Sylvester Lia top - GrassKate Sylvester Lia top - Grass
Kate Sylvester Tina Top - PlumKate Sylvester Tina Top - Plum
Sylvester Magnolia Top - InkSylvester Magnolia Top - Ink
Sylvester Blooming Dress - BerrySylvester Blooming Dress - Berry
Sylvester Blooming top - BerrySylvester Blooming top - Berry
Sylvester Checked trouser - MochaSylvester Checked trouser - Mocha
On saleSylvester Checked trouser - SandstoneSylvester Checked trouser - Sandstone
Sylvester Checked trouser - Sandstone Sale priceFrom $147.51 Regular price$210.73
Sylvester Checked cropped trouser - SandstoneSylvester Checked cropped trouser - Sandstone
Save $292.16Kate Sylvester Camilla Dress - PinkKate Sylvester Camilla Dress - Pink
Kate Sylvester Camilla Dress - Pink Sale price$61.54 Regular price$353.70
Kate Sylvester Isadora Dress - LilacKate Sylvester Isadora Dress - Lilac